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Student Conduct is responsible for the administration of the Code of Student Conduct and providing a fair and educational student conduct process for students and student organizations. Student Conduct educates the Auburn University community about student’s rights, responsibilities, and expectations. Dean’s Certification requests are also processed and completed by Student Conduct.

Student Conduct is located on the first floor of the Melton Student Center in Suite 1206. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

The Code can be found here: Code of Student Conduct.

You may also pick up a copy of the Code on the first floor of the Melton Student Center in Suite 1206.

Any Auburn University faculty member, staff member, and/or a student may make a complaint/charge against an enrolled Auburn University student for a violation(s) of the Code.

If after viewing the Code of Student Conduct, an Auburn University student, faculty, or staff member believes a violation of the code has occurred he/she must submit a complaint to Student Conduct. The complaint must be submitted to, online at, or delivered in person to Student Conduct in Suite 1206 of the Melton Student Center as soon as possible after the event takes place, but no later than 30 working days after detection of the alleged violation. In the event the complaint is made more than 30 working days after the detection of the alleged violation, the Senior Vice President or his/her designee, upon a showing of good cause by the charging party, may allow the charge to proceed in his or her discretion.

Last modified: December 13, 2023