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What is Expungement?

Expungement is when a student’s disciplinary record is maintained by Student Conduct, but isn’t shared with requesting agencies via the Conduct Record Verification Process. A Dean’s Certification (or disciplinary clearance) is a verification of your student conduct record. This verification is usually requested by law schools, medical schools, travel abroad programs, state bar associations, government agencies or independent agencies when you are applying for admissions or employment. When a student’s record is expunged, the record will not be shared with the requesting agency as part of the dean certification process. To process a dean certification or an expungement request, signed authorization is needed from the student.

Expungement requests only apply to a student’s non-academic conduct record maintained by Student Conduct.  Reports and/or other correspondence maintained by other university departments such as the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity & Title IX, the College of Veterinary Medicine, or the School of Pharmacy are not subject to expungement under this policy. 

Expunged records are only released as required by law.  It is important to note that a student with an expunged record may still need to disclose information regarding their past disciplinary history at Auburn University to a third party including a potential employer, another university through the admissions process, or a professional governing body (ex: a Bar or Medical Board), based on the questions being asked by the organization (employer, professional governing body, etc.) as part of their admissions or intake process.

Requesting an Expungement

To process your expungement request, Auburn University students and alumni must submit the following forms:

  1. Expungement Request Form
  2. A paper (minimum 1 page, 1” margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced) explaining what steps were taken to address the behavior, how behavior has changed since the incident occurred, and what was learned from the incident.

These forms may be submitted in any of the following ways:

  1. In person at the Student Conduct Office, Auburn University Student Center, Suite 1206
  2. Via e-mail to
  3. Via mail: 
    Attention: Expungement Request
    Auburn University
    Student Conduct
    255 Heisman Drive, Suite 1206
    Auburn, AL 36849
  4. Via Fax: 
    Send to 334-844-1132, Auburn University Student Conduct; Expungement Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone request that their record be expunged?

Some graduate schools, study abroad programs, government agencies, professional associations, and employers will request a Dean’s Certification letter to verify the contents of a student’s non-academic record. While the results of previous disciplinary record checks will not be affected, requests for a Dean’s Certification letter after a record has been expunged will state that a student has no disciplinary record with Student Conduct. Record expungement doesn’t remove disciplinary records from cases adjudicated by AA/EEO & Title IX, Academic Honesty, the College of Veterinary Medicine, or the Harrison School of Pharmacy.  

Why isn’t an expunged record completely deleted?

Student Conduct is required by law and university policy to retain certain types of information for a designated period of time.  For more information on student records, see section XI.A of the Code of Student Conduct.

When can I request that my record be expunged?

After your educational outcomes have been completed. 

Is there a cost for an expungement request?

No, we do not charge for expungement requests.

Can expungement requests be processed over the phone?

No, only requests received in person, via e-mail, mail, or fax will be processed.

Will you accept an electronic signature on the Expungement Request Form?

Yes, electronic signatures will be accepted.

How long does it take for a record to be expunged?

The processing time to complete the expungement request once the form is received is approximately 5-7 business days, but may take longer due to volume of requests received or due to university holidays or closures.

When would an expungement request be denied?

An expungement request would be denied if the paperwork is not filled out correctly, sanctions were not completed by the required deadline, the record includes more than one violation of the Code of Student Conduct, or if the incident resulted in personal injury, property damage, providing alcohol to minors, possession and/or distribution of drugs, violation of the weapons policy, disorderly conduct, sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, criminal behavior or suspension/expulsion. 

If my expungement request was denied, can I submit a second request in the future?

If your expungement request was denied because the paperwork was not filled out correctly, or the reflection paper was inadequate, Student Conduct will process your request a second time once these issues are addressed.

For additional questions, please contact Student Conduct at 334-844-1305.

Last modified: December 13, 2023